Spirituality Isn’t Love

Our trust in religious, societal and government institutions is in a free fall. Further eroding with each passing year. Our national tapestry fraying. Its fibers pulled, its strands stretched, and its embroidery shredded. Often by the same institutional leaders whose trust has been compromised while their personal wealth grows.   

Spirituality adrift we wander in darkness. Searching for fulfillment in a world that aggressively suppresses the Divine. Squeezing our souls and draining us of our humanity. Like pressed fruit, we find ourselves empty, exhausted and exploited.  

Instead of returning to the inherited wisdom offered by the sages of the ages, we tune-into a multi billionaire. Selling us “new spiritualists” to help us fill our empty hearts with dull thoughts and bland slogans.

“It’s all in your head.”

“Your thoughts aren’t you.”

“You create your own reality.”

Words that might hold some truth but are vacant of Love. There is a difference between spirituality and Love, a big difference. It might even be the difference between life and death.

New age catchphrases that are all about me. Easy expressions for our narcissistic individualistic society to consume. There is no real challenge to one’s lifestyle because no hardship is required. A deceptive and deceitful message to make you feel better. At least temporarily or at least long enough for you to buy whatever they’re selling.

The very nature of Love requires, no demands, that we participate in the world. Finding ways to create more love through our words AND actions. Treating other people like we want other people to treat us. Approaching other people with humility, empathy, kindness and without judgement. Living meaningful actions to support those suffering and sharing as opposed to stockpiling our savings.

While I find comfort and peace in God’s unconditional love for me and for all people, I’m also uncomfortable. Knowing I’ve loved less because of my selfishness. Understanding my complacency in supporting institutions I no longer trust. Their values are never about love, but all about objectification and subjectification of other humans. Realizing the only meaningful legacy I will leave this world is the love I have added, not whether or not I’m living in the now.

In helping others you’ll meet the Divine. In comforting others you’ll encounter God. In living a life centered on Love in action you’ll transform the world and yourself; submerged in a sea of spirituality.