Spirituality Isn’t Love

Spirituality adrift we wander in darkness. Searching for fulfillment in a world that aggressively suppresses the Divine. Squeezing our souls and draining us of our humanity. Like pressed fruit, we find ourselves empty, exhausted and exploited.  
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Love as THE Ethic

Since my spiritual awakening, I describe God as Love and myself and all people as children of God. Children of Love. Describing God as Love might seem serene, peaceful and benevolent. Attributes I would certainly associate with love but the love I’m describing is more than a sentiment; Love is an ethic. For me, it’s THE ethic in which to live my life.
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Rain and Gain

As much as we try and avoid the rain, it sustains life. Without it plants would wither, animals would become parched, and we would not grow. Moreover, we would die.
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US Flag

A New American Dream

Dreams are like powerful myths. Pointing us to truths that seem trustworthy in the awakened world, but are illusory. They exist because we believe in them. As we begin to honor them, we begin to have faith in their potential reality. They come alive in our daily routine. Creating language and symbols and new stories…
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Regrets, Grace and Reflection

Regrets, Grace And Reflection

Regrets, Grace, and Reflection: An exploration of the interconnected themes of remorse, resilience, and self-discovery. Dive into the complexities of human emotion, the transformative power of grace, and the profound insights gained through introspection and contemplation.
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Materialism and Spirituality

Materialism And Spirituality

Nothing seems to scare the modern world more than the idea that materialism is a flawed world view. A false god. A meaningless metaphysics. Not only is it flawed but it’s wreaking havoc on humanity and our home. The last century littered with examples of unprecedented global destruction and death. Our new century an ongoing…
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