Materialism And Spirituality

Nothing seems to scare the modern world more than the idea that materialism is a flawed world view. A false god. A meaningless metaphysics.

Not only is it flawed but it’s wreaking havoc on humanity and our home. The last century littered with examples of unprecedented global destruction and death. Our new century an ongoing threat of unparalleled destruction and death. Increasing arsenals of nuclear weapons, expanding government bioweapons labs and artificially intelligent machines to enslave and murder other humans on a mass scale.

The United States besieged by mental illness, escalating suicide rates, lawless cities, rising drug abuse (legal and illegal), self-destructive individualism, growing chronic child health conditions including obesity, widening economic disparity, a failing educational system, and a moral relativism. Leading to a violent rejection of treating other people like you want to be treated.

Obedient science has become our new god and a growing totalitarianism our new religion. Amputating God from our human heart. The Infinite immeasurable with finite minds and equally finite tools. Everything is an object including you and your family.

Objects to serve people who don’t care about you and believe they are superior to you. Leaders who don’t seek to serve but who selfishly seek to enrich themselves and their family. Love demands compassion, kindness, empathy and humility. Materialism cannot love humanity; it only loves objects. You are a subject. A child of God. Every human is a child of God.       

The contemporary world believing what cannot be measured cannot be known. Faith and reason incompatible with a world view that exclusively values the latter while ignoring what is primary. It’s easy to believe your ego is the center of the universe if you no longer look up from the screen in front of you.

This past belief in spirituality, in God, consistent throughout all human history. A bedrock belief agnostic to people, places and periods. A belief that provided a moral and ethical framework for people and communities. A belief and framework that would rid the world of terrible scourges like child sacrifice, slavery, illiteracy, mass starvation, and crushing poverty. Scourges that ended not because of science but because of the Spirit.

The insane insanity of our world is that science, with all its progress to improve the human condition, has forgotten it’s connection with the Infinite. Severed from Wisdom it has forsaken humility. Science, like faith, requires questioning everything.

When science questions everything (including “the science”), it remains in service to humanity. Discerning the moral difference between subjects and objects. Enriching the many as opposed to the greed of a few. Reuniting faith and reason to create a better world for all of God’s children.     

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