Rain and Gain

It’s the first day of February and it’s raining in Paradise (NV). Even with mild winter temperatures, the grey overcast skies and dust infused water reminds me life is not always sunny. Not in Philadelphia and not in Las Vegas. Somber souvenirs I’ve collected throughout the years even if I had no interest in gathering these melancholy memories.

Growing up it wasn’t just scouting that taught me to be prepared. Rainy day life lessons learned from family and friends, teachers and church. Grateful for these umbrellas of insight. Helping me better manage the weather I found myself in. Like Rihanna, knowing its always better with an umbrella then without one during life’s storms.

The longer we live, the greater our chance of rain or even worse weather. Some people experiencing cataclysmic catastrophes. Incomprehensible loss and suffering most of us will never know. Torrential downpours drowning life and suffocating the soul.

Avoiding the rain is something that’s easier to do in the modern world. Distractions and diversions to avoid any water-soaked weather. Disappointment or discomfort banished from life’s forecast even if we do not and cannot control the weather.

As much as we try and avoid the rain, it sustains life. Without it plants would wither, animals would become parched, and we would not grow. Moreover, we would die.

Time worn cliches easy for anyone to understand but disappointing in the moment. Disrupting our sunshine days. Interfering with our best laid plans.

Both light and water are required to sustain our lives, just not in excess. Moderation an eternal virtue. Too much light or too little water will not sustain life, including your own.

Learning that rain is part of life- and life-giving, converts any stormy day into an occasion to grow. Building character, resilience and innovation without the advantage of sunny skies. Critical life affirming skills because rain is always in life’s forecast. Skies are not always sunny.

Its these muddy paths taken alone or with others that lead us to undiscovered treasures or earned rewards. Venturing into stormy weather requires us to leave our comfortable and cozy surroundings. Called by duty, by obligation or even by God to participate in the precipitation.   

Life lessons only learned when life is difficult or uncomfortable. Expect rain and experience it. Don’t avoid what makes us grow, neither rain or pain.

Don’t be foolish or reckless during stormy weather. It’s easy to drown when there’s just too much water, wind and wickedness. Travel with those who love you, including God. In our metrological struggles, we’ll find the means needed to grow in sunshine and rain shine.

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