Why My Spiritual Awakening Is a Political Awakening

Halfway through my fifties, as I journeyed towards retirement, I experienced a spiritual awakening. An experience that changed everything in my life, I mean everything. My whole worldview that I had constructed as an adult collapsed like a house of cards.

In many ways, it was more like playing Jenga as opposed to cards. A game of wooden blocks stacked on top of each other, where players remove a block from the lower tower and place it on the top without causing the whole structure to fall. Spoiler alert, it eventually falls. Spoiler alert, pride does indeed come before the fall.    

My spiritual awakening uprooting my political world view. Demolishing long held beliefs I had about American institutions and the values of those “in charge.” Values that I falsely believed were about doing unto others or doing no harm. Theories that aren’t a conspiracy but a reality.

Eyes wide open as I came to realize the greed and corruption of America’s Uniparty. Funding endless wars and human suffering across the world while ignoring the suffering of their constituents. Staggering mental health statistics, an explosion of chronic disease especially among children, a failing educational system, widening economic disparity and an increasing totalitarianism if any reasonable person disagrees with the Establishment narrative. No YouTube for you.

Politicians whose only ambition is to become multi-millionaires. Offering access for dollars, crafting legislation or cutting regulatory oversight to help themselves and other millionaires become richer while using insider information to trade stocks. Performing twice as well as the stock market average or better if you’re in a leadership role, like Speaker of the House.

Spiritually awake, the dream of America is a mirage. My unquestioned support of the Establishment and all its institutions in which I financially benefited from are a false idol. I pledged my allegiance to Babylon, not to God. God is Love; Babylon is never about Love.  

Like many Americans who previously believed there were actual differences between the political party duopoly (it’s all theater to divide us) or considered themselves part of the Establishment (just don’t publicly question the “official” storyline,) I find myself lost. Exiled.

Like all people of God, I live under an empire. An empire that strikes back if you question it’s authority and it’s misplaced and malevolent values of doing harm to other people and the planet. An empire at odds with treating people as Divine images of Love. An empire that will crush anyone without hesitation.

As I try and live a life centered around Love, I struggle with my complacency in supporting the American empire. Both financially and with silent words and noiseless actions. Navigating an unfamiliar path while knowing my ultimate destination.

Even while the world’s empires build their Death Star, I can choose to live a life of defiance and dignity by choosing Love. Treating people with kindness, empathy and generosity. Extending this same ethic to myself and all living creatures. Resolute in my belief that Love, not worldly empires or even death will be the final Word, just as it was in the beginning.